Weekly Meeting

CALST (Co-study Group on Advanced Learning Science and Technology) promotes collaboration and innovation in learning science and technology. Our weekly meetings provide a platform for sharing research, discussing advances, and networking with peers. We offer a variety of participation options to accommodate everyone from first-time guests to dedicated members.


To provide a vibrant forum for presenting ongoing research, discussing current trends, and fostering collaboration within the community.

Schedule and Format

Participation Options

Guest Participant

Newcomers are welcome to join as a guest participant to get a feel for the community and its discussions (if you are ready to commit to becoming a member, of course we welcome you).

Membership Participant

For those who want to participate regularly and contribute to the discussions. Participants enjoy additional benefits.

Speaker (limited to members or by invitation)

Meeting Minutes

Join Us

Whether you’re exploring CALST as a guest or ready to commit as a member, we welcome your participation. For more details on attending meetings as a guest, becoming a member and/or speaker, or if you have any questions, please contact us: /contact. Let’s advance the field of learning science and technology together.