About of CALST

At CALST (Co-study Group on Advanced Learning Science and Technology), we view learning as one of the most profound intellectual activities in human life. Our mission is to advance this critical intellectual endeavor through innovative research in artificial intelligence and beyond, focusing on the modeling and systematization of learning processes.

Mission Statement

  1. Encourage In-depth Discussion: To encourage logical and in-depth discussion of the complexities of learning as an intellectual activity, and to promote wide-ranging debates within advanced learning science and technology, free from conventional constraints and excuses.

  2. Enhancing Research Skills: To assist members in refining their research skills, emphasizing presentations and feedback that push the boundaries of conventional knowledge, with the goal of developing groundbreaking contributions to the field.

  3. Facilitating Knowledge Exchange: To act as a nexus for the exchange of insights, methodologies, and research findings from diverse fields, understanding learning as both a pervasive activity in human endeavor and a phenomenon uniquely shaped by individual contexts and experiences.

  4. Foster Collaboration: To cultivate a collaborative atmosphere in which the integration of perspectives from fields such as information technology, cognitive science, educational engineering, and practical educational methodologies is essential to a comprehensive understanding of learning.

  5. Support Career Development: To provide a supportive network that navigates the broad and interdisciplinary implications of learning research across academia and industry, enabling members to confidently explore their career trajectories.

Research Topics

Recognizing the inherent complexity and multifaceted nature of learning, CALST embraces a wide range of research topics that reflect our interdisciplinary ethos. These include:

Through discussions related to these topics, CALST aims to encourage our members to cultivate innovative ideas and perspectives, fostering a rich, dynamic, and evolving environment of discussion and discovery.