CALST: Co-study Group on Advanced Learning Science and Technology

CALST (Co-study Group on Advanced Learning Science and Technology) (IPA: /kɑlst/) is a collaborative and combined study group focusing on topics related to advanced learning science and technology, including artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering, learning engineering, learning sciences, cognitive psychology, and cognitive science. It currently serves as a platform for early career researchers and students in similar or related fields to engage in open and fruitful discussions. Members meet online for about two hours, typically once a week or every other week, to discuss various topics. These discussions include individual research presentations (approximately one hour per person), roundtable readings and discussions of related materials (such as key books, research articles, or recent international conferences), practice and critique of upcoming conference presentations, sharing of operational insights from different laboratories, and discussion of research challenges and perspectives.

CALST aims to foster in-depth discussions without excuses and to serve a collaborative environment where researchers can share knowledge, challenge each other’s ideas, and grow together in their respective fields.

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